by Chris Rudge
A total of 45 aircraft appear on missing aircraft lists in New Zealand. Of these, 17 have gone missing without trace and 12 were found from between three months and 39 years later. The remainder are presumed to have crashed at sea, as some of the aircraft, cargo or crew were recovered after the event. Tragically, these accidents claimed the lives of 118 people.

This book records the details leading up to each aircraft’s disappearance, the subsequent search for the aircraft and the conclusions reached by military courts of inquiry and civilian air accident investigators.

The result of over six year’s research and interviews, this book gathers, for the first time, the details surrounding New Zealand’s missing aircraft into one volume. An important addition to New Zealand aviation literature, it is essential reading for aviation historians, those who knew people involved, or those who wish to try and locate aircraft that disappeared without trace and solve some of this country’s greatest aviation mysteries.


"An extremely detailed and impressive account of New Zealand's missing aircraft and an intriguing read for those with a love for aviation and the world off flight. . . an excellent reference guide." New Zealand Outside magazine

"A rare gem in an age of hastily published books . . . Expertly researched, the book is a unique and valuable addition to New Zealand's aviation literature that I would recommend to researcher and enthusiast alike." Callum Macpherson, Pacific Wings

"This book is excellent, absolutely excellent, and has heaps of interest to aviators as well as non-aviators. Each chapter is thoroughly researched and well presented, with numerous easy-to-read technical explanations.  The many archival photographs are excellent.  The text is well written, with full details . . . "Tony Gates, Evening Standard

"Extremely well researched and well written. A very interesting read." Richard Rayward, Air Safaris

"I thought I'd just say how impressed I was with it when it arrived." Dave Provan, RNZAF Museum

"The book is well written and well researched by someone who really knows his stuff.  Highly recommended."Classic Wings magazine.

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